An Emergency Response Plan Prioritizes Your Business

We can never truly be fully protected against a natural disaster. But we can be prepared to respond quickly and minimize damages. That is why having an emergency response plan for your business is key!

With our ERP platform, not only do we help you with the plan but you also get priority status for restoration in cases of large-scale disasters. This will greatly help you in recovering from a disaster in a timely manner.

Operation Restoration surveys your site and collects all the necessary information in order to curate a tailored and effective disaster mitigation plan. Thus, when an emergency is here, not a minute of valuable time is wasted – we are ready to respond with the right equipment, labor, and knowledge.

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The Importance of Business Continuity Planning

In an emergency situation, it is difficult to retain clarity of mind and act in the best possible way. An emergency plan details procedures for handling catastrophic situations. Such a plan helps to:

Prevent injuries and fatalities.

Reduce damage to buildings, stock, equipment, and documents.

Speed up the return to normal operations.

Minimize the negative impact on the environment and the community.

What’s more, disaster planning helps to discover unrecognized hazards and vulnerabilities. This way you are not only prepared to react to disasters but are also ready to prevent them.

“Having water damage is not ideal, but working with Operation Restoration made it a wonderful experience. The process was seamless and everyone involved was on time, professional, respectful, hard-working, and very happy. I would recommend their company to anyone and everyone! I’m very thankful they were the team on the job!”
Libby C.

A Complete, Easy-to-Access Disaster Preparedness Program

Restoration Questions?
We Have Answers

Floor Plans & Photos

Facility Shut Offs

Documentation Upload

Cloud Storage

Mobile Access

Vendor Contact Information

Employee Onboarding

And More…

Get in a safe place and call us immediately, the first rule of an insurance claim is to get a mitigation company asap! We can assess, and help you file a claim if applicable, and start work immediately. We will work through the process from A-Z guiding you every step of the way and invoice your insurance company directly for the services we provide. We provide free inspections and estimates.


100% Online Disaster Platform

Our unique online disaster preparedness tool is for all commercial facilities. Through it we assist you in preparing, executing, and planning for possible future damage to your facility. 

Minimize Disruption

Did you know that almost 25% of all businesses that suffer a disaster never reopen? Plan ahead to minimize disruptions and keep your business going. 

Priority Service

As a member of the Emergency Response Plan, you have priority access to our services in the event of an emergency.

Protect your business. Call us at 1.888.469.1007 to sign up now. 

Use someone you trust and ask for references if needed. It is your home or business, and it is your choice what company you use. Not all insurance vendors are bad, but be wary if they are being sent at the request of the insurance company. They may cut corners to save the insurance company money and not follow protocol. Do your due diligence.

Most insurance policies allocate for ALE(Additional Living Expenses) coverage that will pay for you and your family to live in a hotel and get reimbursed for food and lodging during the claim and restoration process. Ask your agent/adjuster for information or review your policy, we can help point these items out also during our assessment.

Some people do, but it is not recommended unless you know what you’re doing. We’ve witnessed all kinds of things that most often have cost the client more money in the long run. As they say, it’s best to hire professionals.

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