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Columbus Fire Damage Restoration Services

When your Columbus OH home or business is damaged by a fire related disaster, it can be overwhelming to think about what to do next. Calling a locally trusted professional fire damage restoration company like Operation Restoration is the most important step you can take to minimize damages and get your home or business back to its pre-fire condition as quickly as possible. Operation Restoration offers services to help you bounce back after fire damage Columbus, including fire damage inspections, fire damage cleanup, fire damage restoration, and fire damage repairs.

When you have fire damage on your property in Columbus OH, call Operation Restoration. We are available 24/7 to respond immediately to your fire related disaster.

Full-Service Fire Restoration in Columbus OH

Operation Restoration is a turn key restoration company. What this means is that when we receive your call, we have the ability and licensing to complete every single phase of the restoration process. From sending out our world class fire damage technicians to inspect your property, to industry leading water extraction services, smoke and fire damage cleanup, fire damage repairs, and even working with your insurance company to ensure you’re properly covered, Operation Restoration has you covered.

For professional fire damage Columbus restoration services, call Operation Restoration and we will do everything we can to get you back to your normal life as soon as possible. We are your trusted fire damage Columbus restoration and repair company!

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Call Operation Restoration to schedule your free fire damage inspection today!

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Emergency Fire Boardup Services

After the local firefighters are done extinguishing the fire that damaged your property, there may be some broken windows or doors, or maybe a hole burned into your wall or roof. If the inside of your home or business is exposed to the outside world, your property is at risk for further damages, be it from wild animals, inclement weather, or vandalism. To prevent these possible damages from taking place, as soon as the fire marshal deems your property safe for entry our team of fire damage technicians will immediately begin fire board up services or tarping for any exposed areas.

While simply nailing a board up or laying a tarp on your roof may deter some animals or vandals from entering your property, the reality is that there is a right way to perform fire board up services. With 30 years in the restoration and construction industries, you can rely on Operation Restoration to ensure that your property is safe and secure with fire board up.

Fire Damage Columbus Restoration Process

The size and scope of a fire damage restoration process can vary greatly depending on the extent of the fire damage. But while the scope may vary, our process often stays the same. Our fire damage restoration process typically includes:

  • Free Fire Damage Columbus Inspection
  • Emergency Boardup Services
  • Water Extraction & Drying
  • Fire Damage & Soot Cleanup
  • Smoke Deodorizing
  • Fire Damage Repairs

Has your Columbus home or business been damaged by a fire?

Fire Damage Repairs in Columbus OH

Between the water damage, the fire damage, and the smoke and soot damage, the restoration requirements following a fire related disaster tend to pose issues for most restoration companies. Operation Restoration is a comprehensive restoration company with over 30 years in the restoration and construction industry, and as a licensed general contractor, there is no job too big or too complicated for us complete. From smaller scale fire damage cleanup, to extensive kitchen remodels, to large scale reconstruction projects and more, our team of highly skill and extensively experienced restoration technicians are able to make every repair necessary to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Call Operation Restoration today to receive your free fire damage Columbus inspection, or to learn more about how we can help you recover from your fire related disaster.

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Fire Damage?

In most or your basic homeowner’s insurance policies, there is fairly comprehensive coverage for losses incurred from fire related disasters, and further coverage can typically be purchased as a separate or additional policy if needed. This is especially true for fire damage Columbus.

Typically, fire damage Columbus is covered by homeowner’s insurance policies. This should include your home, personal possessions, and some other aspects of your property, along with some additional costs of lodging and food during repairs. With that said, to know for certain what your specific coverage is, it’s always best to give your provider a call and ask them to walk your through your policy.