Water Damage Newark OH

Newark OH Water Restoration Services

The moment you find water damage Newark in your home or business, you should react quickly by calling expert water removal professionals. Removing the water damage by blotting or soaking it up is likely not enough to protect your property from serious secondary damage. As soon as your property is exposed to water, the moisture will penetrate any porous building materials, causing significant damages in a short amount of time. By calling a local professional water damage restoration company like Operation Restoration you will save yourself considerable amounts of time and money.

Operation Restoration is a locally trusted water restoration expert. We are available 24/7 to respond to your water-related disaster.

Common Causes Of Water Damage Newark, OH

Water damage is devastating for home and business owners. Fortunately, understanding where water damage Newark can come from makes it easier to handle and in some cases even prevent it from happening. The most common causes of water damage in Newark, Ohio include:

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Inclement Weather

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Broken Pipe

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Indoor Flooding

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Leaking Appliances

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Toilet Overflow Or Sewage Backup

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Newark OH Water Damage Company

Operation Restoration, LLC has been helping home and business owners in the Newark OH area restore their properties from water damage for many years. Operation Restoration understands that water damage is a true emergency situation that requires immediate reaction. That is why we offer 24/7/365 water removal, sanitation, deodorization, and water repair services. First, we will remove all the standing water, after that any oversaturated or contaminated objects, and then proceed with the rest of the water restoration process.

Operation Restoration has over 30 years in the restoration and construction industry and is your #1 locally trusted water damage restoration expert. 

The Water Damage Cleanup Process

Our team knows that every single water restoration case is different. They have the experience, training, and top-of-the-line equipment to be able to handle jobs of any size and severity. Even though each case is different our general process includes:

  • Free Water Damage Newark Inspection
  • Water Extraction
  • Damaged Materials Removal
  • Dry & Dehumidify
  • Water Damage Repairs
Water Removal Process Newark

Does your Newark home or business have water damage?

Water Damage Repairs

Operation Restoration has seen and dealt with numerous water damage cases. We are a licensed general contractor, which enables us to perform your water restoration process from start to finish. Our training, skills, and experience help us to perform water damage repairs regardless of the source or scope of the water loss.

We can repair anything from small damages like basic plumbing repairs to more complicated projects like replacing floorings and drywall. There is no project that is too big or too small for us. We can handle leaky sinks and full-scale remodeling projects.

Contact Operation Restoration for expert water damage repairs today. We promise to care for your home as we would our own!

Water Damage Repairs
Water damage on a Newark pipe

Water Damage Tips

Water damage restoration should be left to professionals so that you have absolute security that the job was done right from the start. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything that you can or should do when it comes to a water loss. Here are the most important steps you should take when your Newark home suffers water damage:

  • Call your local water damage restoration professionals
  • Call your insurance provider
  • Disconnect your outlets
  • Soak up any standing water