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24/7 Flood Damage Cleanup in Columbus OH

Flooding generates severe issues for homeowners in the form of harmful bacteria and widespread water damage. For this reason, you will need an experienced flood damage cleanup company for restoration and repairs to return the premises to its original condition.

Operation Restoration is a local Columbus flood cleanup company. We respond 24/7 to water emergencies to develop a comprehensive plan for remediating affected areas. Rely on our team to provide flood damage cleanup and restoration, all while working with your insurance company and adjuster to cover your flood damage claim. By handling each aspect of the flood restoration process, we make your property habitable again. Contact Operation Restoration today to schedule an inspection of your flood damage cleanup needs.

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Common Causes of Flooding

Flooding can happen in several ways. No matter the source, Operation Restoration is here to assist you with flood damage cleanup and flood damage restoration.  As an experienced flood cleanup company, we have seen flooding from a variety of origins. Common causes of flood damage include:

Leaking, Broken, & Burst Pipes

Sewage Backups & Overflows

Appliance Malfunctions

Improper Installation

Storm Damage

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Flood Damage Tips

Should you happen to have a small flooding event, say from a plumbing mishap, the most critical thing you can do is stop the flow. Turn off the water main to your property before attempting to mitigate the damages.

In the case of a natural disaster flooding or sewage backup event, in which the water may be contaminated, we recommend evacuating to a safe location and calling Operation Restoration for 24/7/365 help. While you wait for our flood damage technicians, follow these flood damage tips:

  • Identify and stop the water source.
  • Do not enter rooms with standing water to avoid electrocution.
  • Remove wet rugs.
  • Place tin foil under furniture legs to avoid wicking.
  • Retrieve valuables from saturated areas.
  • Do not use flood-damaged appliances.
  • Circulate air by opening doors and windows.

Protocols for Flood Cleanup Services

Operation Restoration arrives at your property when you need flood damage cleanup most. Throughout the years, we have developed an effective flood damage restoration process to take your home or business back to its pre-disaster state in a timely manner.

Our experts take flood damage seriously, and as such, when we arrive on-scene, we immediately set out to:

  • seal off dangerous areas
  • extract water and contaminants
  • dry all saturated areas and surfaces

With these steps and floodwater extraction services complete, the flood damage restoration process can officially begin. Call (614) 363-0963 for our flood damage restoration services 24/7/365.

Full Flood Damage Cleanup & Restoration Services 

At Operation Restoration, LLC we recognize that flood damage can have disastrous results for your personal property. Our thorough restoration process includes:

  • restoring rugs and carpeting
  • eliminating moisture and mold
  • dehumidify affected areas
  • applying antimicrobial agents to halt mildew

Our team will safely remove all damaged items from your property, but we will try to restore as many damaged items as we possibly can.

Our Flood Damage Restoration Process

The team at Operation Restoration, LLC adhered to the standards set by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). We will remove and dispose of damaged flooring and sheetrock, and then dry out all of the room contents. The flood damage restoration experts on our team will:

  • Flood damage inspection
  • Removal of flood water
  • Proper removal and disposal of compromised building materials and debris
  • Extraction of water from flooring, padding, and carpeting
  • Application of antimicrobial treatment to affected surfaces to halt and prevent mold and mildew
  • Flood damage cleanup services sanitize and disinfect affected areas and surfaces
  • Search for water pockets with high-tech moisture meters
  • Thoroughly dry affected rooms and surfaces
  • Fully restore your property to its previous condition with flood damage repairs

Flood Damage Repairs

At Operation Restoration, our team of flood damage professionals work hard to restore your property. We dry and clean your property before performing flood damage repairs to return the structure to its pre-loss condition.

Flood damage repairs are a part of our comprehensive flood damage cleanup and flood damage restoration process. We treat your home and family as if they are our own, which means we adhere to strict safety guidelines. You can trust that your flood damage cleanup and floodwater damage repairs will receive the attention to detail and care that they deserve.

When you need a flood damage repairs company, make Operation Restoration your first choice. You’ll be met with superior customer service, integrity, and experience in flood damage repairs. Find out why we are different from other flood damage cleanup companies.

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