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Professional Mold Remediation Services in Metro Columbus OH

Mold feeds more mold in the proper conditions and can germinate in 24-48 hours if not remediated. It can spread throughout the structure, contaminating your HVAC systems, and causing health issues for occupants. When you suspect mold growing in your Columbus OH property, you need mold removal services and mold remediation.

OPERATION RESTORATION has extensive expertise in professional mold remediation and mold removal services. We assess, advise, and implement a plan as soon as we finish your mold inspection. As mold damage can quickly spread throughout your home or business and cause issues, you need help from a trained and certified mold remediation company. Let us do a free inspection and assessment to help you decide the next steps in the process.

mold remediation services

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Mold Related Health Risks

Mold spores exist in the air all around us. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure and high levels can generate many health risks associated with mold. Knowing the many health concerns of mold helps you to take the problem seriously, and act swiftly should you find it growing in your Worthington OH home or business. Some of the most common mold related health risks include:

skin irritation

Skin Irritation

sinus problems

Sinus Problems

asthma attacks

Asthma Attacks

respiratory distress

Respiratory Distress

mental health concerns

Mental Health Concerns

Common Questions About Mold

Mold is a common fungus, found all around the world, both indoors and out. There are many species of mold that can spread via air and water.

Mold grows in the presence of oxygen, a food source, and in an environment between 40-100 degrees F. As such, mold is commonly found in damp, humid areas, especially near spaces affected by leaks, overflows, or flooding.

Mold is hazardous for your health and property. Side effects include asthma, rashes, headaches, allergic reactions, and difficulty breathing.

Beyond your body, mold is dangerous to your property. Spores can affect crawl spaces, foundations, roofs, HVAC systems, drywall, and more.

Mold can spread through an organic food source. Fabrics and items such as cellulose are vehicles for mold. Cellulose is found in wood and drywall, and a mold infestation can seriously damage the building materials.

If you have an inkling that there may be mold in the property, a mold inspection is where you should begin. However, if there is visible mold growing, you do not need a mold inspection.

If you are purchasing a new home, a mold inspection and mold testing is highly recommended before closing.

Be on the look out for signs of mold.  Discolored ceilings, floors, and walls are indicative of a mold issue. A musty odor may also be present.

You should note though, that the only way to confirm a toxic black mold infestation is with a professional mold inspection and mold test.

DIY mold removal is rarely a smart choice. Only a certified Columbus OH mold removal company should attempt mold remediation services. We follow strict methods to eliminate mold in a safe manner.

There are many OTC products to kill mold. Depending on the severity of the infestation, DIY remedies may work. However, usually professional mold remediation services are required.  If handled improperly, mold can return.

Spores can reach far deep beneath the surface.  If you are attempting DIY mold removal, vinegar works well on porous materials like wood. Bleach works best on hard, non-porous surfaces. Only a professional mold removal company can verify that the mold contamination has been resolved.

Our Mold Removal Process

Mold sprouts quickly, which is why you should start the mold removal and mold remediation process as soon as possible.  Spores arise from trapped moisture, such as a leak or flood, and also areas of high humidity with poor ventilation. Mold can contaminate a building in a few days, so it is critical that you take action when you suspect mold. Call Operation Restoration at the first signs of mold or mildew. We provide thorough and accurate estimates and don’t stop until the mold remediation process is complete. Our trained professionals help you through each phase of the mold process, from start to finish. Our mold remediation process is as follows:

  • Air quality test
  • Create a mold remediation plan
  • Set up mold containment
  • Negative air pressure
  • Air filtration devices
  • Air quality control
  • Damaged material removal
  • Anti-microbial spray and cleaning
  • Mold damage repairs
mold removal services

Columbus OH Mold Removal Company

Operation Restoration is the most trusted mold removal company in Columbus OH, Worthington OH, and surrounding areas. Once the mold inspection is complete, our mold removal service professionals set up containment to begin the mold remediation process.

No matter how much mold damage you have, Operation Restoration is your trusted, qualified, mold removal company.  Negative air pressure, air filtration devices, removal of building materials, and sanitization returns the home or business to its original condition.

While mold is stressful, a quick response spares you from illness and property damage. Our certified mold experts assist with a mold inspection, mold testing, and mold remediation. We always remediate the mold and return your home to a safe condition.

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