Storm Damage Cleanup

Storm Damage Restoration

Strong storms can wreak havoc and devastate your property. Wind damage can destroy windows, roofs, and structuring, and the precipitation that follows can ruin business and cherished personal belongings inside. Operation Restoration, LLC has been providing safe and efficient storm damage cleanup and storm damage restoration since 2019. Our crews are standing by to protect Columbus, Ohio area homeowners and businesses from storm damage. We are standing by to provide immediate storm board up and tarping services so we can begin restoring your property to its previous condition.

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storm damage cleanup

Types of Storm Damage

Storms with heavy rains and high winds can crop up without notice in the metro Columbus OH area. For this reason, it helps to understand the different types of storm damage that may affect your home or business. Some of the most common types of storm damage we see include:

Tree Damage

tree damage

Flood Damage

flood damage

Wind Damage

wind damage


lightning damage

Hail Damage

hail damage

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The Storm Damage Restoration Process

  1. Storm Damage Inspection – Upon receiving your call, Operation Restoration dispatches a technician to your location to perform a storm damage inspection.
  2. Storm Damage Cleanup – We remove downed limbs and debris from the property.
  3. Emergency Board Up & Tarping – If there are exposed access points, we provide storm board up and tarping.
  4. Water & Fire Mitigation Services – For properties that are affected by water or fire damage, we employ our specialized restoration process to restore the space to pre-loss condition.
  5. Storm Damage Repairs – Our expert craftsmen make seamless storm damage repairs to help you get back to normal life.

Storm Damage Board Up Services

Operation Restoration, LLC has been providing rapid-response to storm damage with 30 years of Restoration & Construction Experience. Our team will arrive at your property to minimize further damage to your property and belongings to keep storm damage repair costs down. We will secure your property with storm damage board up services in a fast and efficient manner so insurance claims can be processed without snags or unnecessary delays.

Storm board up services minimize the impacts of debris, fallen limbs, wind damage, and other vulnerabilities. Covering these access points provides a layer of security against water damage, mold growth, animals, and vandals.

Whether you have broken windows, a downed wall, or a roof hole, Operation Restoration responds 24/7 in the metro Columbus Ohio area to provide storm board up services for your home or business.

Storm Damage Repairs

Storm damage can impact any property to varying degrees of severity. Whether from a wind storm, rainstorm, tornado, or any other type of storm, Operation Restoration, LLC is ready to help. We employ only highly-skilled technicians and use the best equipment to ensure our clients are completely satisfied and that their properties are safely restored with storm damage repairs.

We recognize that storm damage manifests in a multitude of ways that necessitate storm damage repairs. From minor fixes to much larger structural issues, Operation Restoration completes storm damage repairs big and small. As an experienced licensed general contractor, Operation Restoration finishes storm damage repairs of any kind with professionalism and care. At Operation Restoration, LLC we are committed to minimizing your devastation and help get your back on your feet as fast as possible.

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