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Emergency Water removal Services

Whether it is flooding, an appliance overflow, a sewage backup, or any other water loss, the result is the same — you need professional emergency water removal services. Left to sit, standing water damages your home or business. Immediate water removal helps prevent further damage to your belongings, furniture, flooring, and building materials. Without water extraction services, you expose the property to the potential for secondary damages like mold, structural instability, and the need for water damage repairs.

We have the proper equipment to completely remove all water, no matter the amount. Trust our team to work diligently to extract water before drying out your property. Contact us for professional water removal/extraction, and comprehensive water damage restoration services. Call now: 866-968-4821

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Emergency Water Removal
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Step-By-Step Water Extraction Process

Water Damage Inspection – Free Assessment

After receiving your call, Operation Restoration immediately dispatches a water removal specialist to your location. We first stop the source of water before inspecting the damages.

Water Extraction & Water Removal

Water extraction services begin immediately to mitigate the circumstances. We bring in extraction mats, vacuums, and pumps. Unsalvageable building materials are removed to make way for drying.

Drying & Dehumidification

Excess moisture is removed via air movers and dehumidifiers to prevent mold growth. The length of this phase of the water extraction process can vary based on the amount of water. A sanitizing solution is applied to eliminate bacteria and deodorize malodors.

Water Damage Repairs

Water damage repairs return your property to its functional, pre-loss condition. Operation Restoration makes your space useful again with skillful repairs.

Water Damage Restoration Service
The Hazards of Water in Your Property

When you need professional emergency water extraction, it could be the result of any number of issues. This includes burst pipes, sewage overflows, leaks, and appliance malfunctions. Operation Restoration understands exactly how stressful this time is and works to ease your anxiety. As an experienced water removal company, we have seen the hazards of water in your property firsthand. Because the hazards of water seriously threaten the health and well-being of your health and property, we work quickly to mitigate water damage. When you work with us for water extraction services, we mitigate the following hazards of water:

  • Electrical shock from water-saturated appliances and sockets.
  • Gas leaks from flooding.
  • Sewage backups and floods often contain contaminants such as raw sewage.
  • Structural collapse can occur from water damage, potentially injuring you and others.

Call us now: 866-968-4821

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Tailored Services for Every Home

As a certified and trusted Columbus OH water removal company, we have the proper equipment to pull excess moisture from the air and surfaces with ease. From portable water extractors, hydrometers, water detectors, and infrared cameras, to air movers, dehumidifiers, and pumps, we tailor our response to your unique needs. We find pockets of hidden water that other water restoration and water removal companies might miss.

Proper water removal services are what you get when you partner with Operation Restoration. Quick water removal, or water extraction, is followed with thorough drying and dehumidification to prevent swelling, warping and mold growth.

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