Reynoldsburg OH

Reynoldsburg OH

Originally called Frenchtown, Reynoldsburg OH is a small suburban city in the Columbus, Ohio metropolitan area. It has a population of just over 35,000 residents and its suburban nature makes it a great family town.

Reynoldsburg OH is quite close to the buzz of the capital, Columbus, giving plenty of amenities to the local residents. While the big city can be attractive to some, Reynoldsburg OH offers a quieter family environment for everyone who prefers it that way. It is a great mix, which is quite clear when you see just how happy the residents are.

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A Brief History Of Reynoldsburg OH

Reynoldsburg OH’s original name Frenchtown was changed as a tribute to a local merchant John C. Reynolds. The name change happened in 1893.

But that is far from being the only notable historical fact of this city. Dating back to the 19th Century, there is plenty of history to dig through. One story that stands out is how Reynoldsburg became known as the home of the tomato. One of its residents by the name of Alexander Livingstone set himself the goal of making and developing the first commercially viable tomato.

After many years he succeeded, and the Paragon variety is born. Now it is grown all over the United States, and Livingston started the Livingston seed company that employed many of the local Reynoldsburg OH families.

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Reynoldsburg OH Restoration Services

Water damage Reynoldsburg

Water Damage Reynoldsburg

When faced with water damage on your Reynoldsburg property, call the experts at Operation Restoration. We offer emergency restoration services 24/7 and are ready to respond the moment you call.

Fire Damage Reynoldsburg

Fire Damage Reynoldsburg

When fire damage happens on your Reynoldsburg home or business, call the experts at Operation Restoration. Our emergency restoration team is available 24/7 to respond to your fire-related disaster.

storm damage

Storm Damage Restoration

Reynoldsburg, Ohio, is no stranger to significant storm damage. As a licensed general contractor, Operation Restoration is able to make all the repairs needed to fully restore your property from all sorts of storm damage.

Mold removal Reynoldsburg

Mold Removal Reynoldsburg

Reynoldsburg OH can be a wet at times, and that brings the concern for mold growth in your property. If you find or suspect mold damage, call the mold removal professionals at Operation Restoration.

Contents Restoration Reynoldsburg

Contents Restoration Reynoldsburg

Whether your property is damaged by a water related disaster, a storm, or a fire, Operation Restoration are your local Reynoldsburg OH content restoration experts. Give us a call today to set up your free inspection and estimate.