Exploring Whitehall OH

Whitehall, OH is a fast-growing city in the suburbs of Columbia, OH. It is a relatively young city that was initially a rural area. Nowadays it is a buzzing community with sports fields, parks, modern infrastructure, and plenty of entertainment.
Its proximity to the state capital enables it to keep its suburban lifestyle and offer big-city entertainment for anyone that might want something different. A couple of companies are headquartered in Whitehall, bringing it an influx of jobs and development.

Whitehall, OH

A Brief History Of Whitehall OH

Founded in 1947, Whitehall OH is quite a young city. Its population currently sits at just above 20 000 residents, but it is definitely growing and developing.
The area was mostly rural in the 40s and 50s, bringing about half of the total employment. But the city kept growing, incorporated itself into a city, and is now home to several modern companies and more are looking to move their headquarters there.

Even though the city was incorporated as recently as 1947, the name Whitehall reaches further back into the early history of the USA. Supposedly it originates from a name of a tavern that was located there in the early 1800s.

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Water Damage Whitehall OH

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Contents Restoration

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